Salsa Puerto

The Puerto Rican style is also called "Salsa puertorriqueña" in Spanish. Basic step and dance figures correspond to the New York style, but it is danced in a more open way. The partners present themselves here to each other with sophisticated step combinations.

Salsa Cubana

The Casino, also known as Cuban Salsa, is a social dance that was born in Havana in the late 1950s, as part of an evolutionary process of Cuban Son and Anglo-Saxon influences. It is a joyful dance, danced as a couple or in a group of couples forming a "Rueda de Casino". Salsa Cubana gives a lot of freedom of movement and is therefore the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of latin american dances.

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Salsa on2 NY

Salsa danced "on two" is also called Mambo. New York's first original salsa dance as salsa music. This style is characterized by many dance influences from the 40s and 50s from the USA and Latin America. It combines the typical touch of latin american dances with elegance. The musicality of this dance will put you in perfect step with the instruments and you won't be able to stop enjoying it. What are you waiting for? Maaaaambo!