Salsa Puerto

The Puerto Rican style is also called "Salsa puertorriqueña" in Spanish. Basic step and dance figures correspond to the New York style, but it is danced in a more open way. The partners present themselves here to each other with sophisticated step combinations.

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NEW OPENING: Salsa on1 Beginner 1
09.12.2022 - 24.02.2023 20:15 Uhr
NEW OPENING: Salsa on1 Beginner 1
22.01.2023 - 26.02.2023 19:20 Uhr


Salsa Cubana

The Casino, also known as Cuban Salsa, is a social dance that was born in Havana in the late 1950s, as part of an evolutionary process of Cuban Son and Anglo-Saxon influences. It is a joyful dance, danced as a couple or in a group of couples forming a "Rueda de Casino". Salsa Cubana gives a lot of freedom of movement and is therefore the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of latin american dances.

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