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Kizomba is a very elegant dance, at least if you dance it in the modern style. Kizomba is a dance people associate with parties, and at the same time it is very erotic. However, for all its eroticism, Kizomba dancing does not have a direct sexual connotation. This is because while dancing, the hips actually move away from each other rather than towards each other. The history of this style began when the sound of Caribbean zouk reached Angola from the Francophone countries of Africa in the mid-1980s and mixed with traditional Angolan music and the sound of the famous semba.

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The Cha-Cha-Cha is a dance of Cuban roots, originating from the Danzón and the Son Montuno. One of the most aromatic dances in Latin America. The figures of this dance make you feel free with their movements and their triple step. If you like soft music with latin american flair, this dance is the one for you.

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